Earth From Other Bodies

Note: These scripts come already bundled with Stellarium since version 0.12.0. They are only here in case you need to replace them.

Scripts showing what Earth & other planets will look like from other planets in the solar system. 5 Scripts in all.

6 Files

1) Earth - Events from Mars.ssc

2) Earth - Events from Mercury.ssc

3) Earth - Events from Venus.ssc

4) Earth and Venus- Greatest Elongations from Mars.ssc

5) Earth - Greatest Elongations from Jupiter.ssc

6) earth_1.ssc

Current Version 5.1  

Note: Version 5.1 and 5.0 are designed to work with Stellarium Versions 0.12.1 or later. If you are using the previous version 0.10.1 - 0.11.4 then the scripts will not work right, so download one of the older versions below. If you are using version 0.12.0 the scripts also won't work right, there was a bug in that version that caused an incorrect calculation in solar days which messes up moving from event to event.

In the last Stellarium Version 0.11.4, 0.12.0 and 0.12.1 for Windows 64Bit there is a bug in the scripting engine that causes many of these scripts to run slowly.  See here for details. The 32 bit version is OK.

New in version 5.1

Date 6/29/2013

Stellarium 0.12.1

1) Return the Earth from others script (earth_1.ssc). Due to changes in Solar day calculations & Jupiter's rotation in version 0.12.0 and 0.12.1 the version of this script that comes with Stellarium no longer works. The one will work with the changes in 0.12.0 and 0.12.1, though the closest Earth from the Moon had to be removed.

2) Updated longitude in the Earth - Greatest Elongations from Jupiter.ssc so it works with the above changes in 0.12.0    

3) Fixed Earth's greatest elongations from Mars. Unfortunately in previous versions the dates were wrong but they are finally right now.

4) Added light travel times.

5) Added combined magnitude for earth & moon. The moon only adds about 0.02 to the earth so I'll probably remove this in future versions


New in version 5.0

Date: 5/19/2013

Stellarium 0.12.1

1) Updated all scripts to work with versions 0.12.1 and later

2) Updated Earth Oppositions from Venus to Earth Events from Venus. So instead of just Oppositions there are now more events as seen from Venus like Greatest moon Elongation, Start and Stop and Regain Retrograde motion, CoQuadratures, Quadratures, Superior Conjunctions and conjunctions with planets and bright stars. 

3) Updated Earth Oppositions from Mercury to Earth Events from Mercury. So instead of just Oppositions, also included is closest approaches. More events to come in later versions.

4) Updated Earth Events from Mars to include Top & Bottom of Zodiac and equator crossings.  Fixed degree sign

5) Fixed Degree sign in Venus & Earth  Greatest Elongations script. New Title screen

6) Removed Earth best views from others script. It now comes with Stellarium, so no need to repeat here.

New in version 4.0

Date: 6/4/2012

Stellarium 11.3

1) Added - Earth Events from Mars file. This script will display Earth events as seen from Mars like Greatest Elongations, Greatest Brilliancies, Start and Stop Retrograde, CoQuadratures, Superior and Inferior Conjunctions and conjunctions with planets and bright stars.

2) Added Venus Greatest elongations to the "Earth - Greatest Elongations from Mars.ssc" script

3) Added Mars Greatest Elongations to "Earth - Greatest Elongations from Jupiter.ssc" script


New in version 3.1

Date: 1/06/2012

Stellarium 11.1

1) Fixed typo in Jupiter Script


New in version 3

Date: 1/17/2011

Stellarium 10.6

1) Greatest Brilliancies from Mars.

2) Screen Saver Mode

3) Magnitude, Phase, Moon calculations

4) More Menu choices


Previous Versions

Version 4.0 Stellarium 11.3 Download  
Version 3.1 Stellarium 11.1 Download  
Version 2.0 Stellarium 10.5 Download Elongation calculations and Mars dates are wrong
Version 1.0 Stellarium 9 Download No FAQ